How does a surrogacy program work?

Surrogacy is mainly of two types. The traditional and the gestational surrogacy. Traditional surrogacy is the oldest and one of the most used methods of surrogacy.  In traditional surrogacy, the surrogate mother has biological links with the child and she is inseminated artificially. She can be inseminated with the biological father or with another egg donor.  She carries the baby in her womb and has genetic relations with the baby too.

But in the other kind of surrogacy,  gestational surrogacy includes the egg of the intended mother which is fertilized by the sperm of intended father and then the embryo which is the fertilized egg is transferred to the surrogate mother who then carries the baby in her womb until her delivery.

In gestational surrogacy, the baby has no genetic connection to the surrogate mother. In lesbian couples, the trend of gestational surrogacy is common because this is how one of the partners can be surrogate and one can contribute her egg.

Ivf Doctor in Chandigarh lets you have a safe surrogacy. However gestational surrogacy is less controversial than the traditional surrogacy because in traditional surrogacy there is a biological relationship among the mother and the child and this relationship may complicate the whole process with regulations point of view. However the agreement can be challenged this way. This is why most of the states don’t allow traditional surrogacy to prevent such type of complexities and problems. Moreover, a lot of states ban any extra compensation to the surrogate mother other than the legal and medical expenses which the intimate parents have to take care of throughout the surrogacy agreement.

How to find a surrogate?

It’s not tough to find a surrogate mother for your child yet you can easily find one from your friends and family and this is one of the least expensive ways to surrogacy. However, when it’s difficult to find a surrogate mother near you, you can find her through different means.

You can also find one through an agency or a middle party involved and in such cases you have to pay the specified fee to the agency.

Surrogacy criteria

Following mentioned is the normal criteria for IVF doctor in Chandigarh which is necessary to be followed for one to be a surrogate mother.

  • A surrogate mother to be should have a stable mental and physical health
  • She must have carried a child before
  • She must have had free of complications full-time pregnancies before.
  • She should be less than 42 years.

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