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Merger of Facebook, Instagram & WhatsApp Open New Avenues for Users

The Facebook’s CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has recently revealed that the merger of Instagram, Whatsapp and Messenger would not be held at least till the year 2020. According to the statements, it was firstly confirmed by the facebook in the last week regarding the merger where there was a report being published which stated that the infrastructure for the messaging of all these apps would be unified in order to generate the best messaging experiences to the billion of people who are been using these social media platforms.

This move was actually expected to be held on the last of this year or in the next year start but Mr. Zuckerberg during the earnings of the company called it to be at its initial stages. He said that the integration which they have been making decisions on is still in its early stages and they couldn’t specify any target date for the integration to get completed as there are a lot of other things which are needed to figure out. 

Technological assertion

Despite having some assertions from this technological assertion, it would definitely give a private messaging platform which would be having end-to-end encryption and according to the experts warning it could have some impact over the privacy of the millions of users of these platforms.

Privacy Concerns

Tim Mackey who is the famous privacy expert and he works for the firm synopsis that is a software firm. He said that this application integration is going to be a spotting history for Facebook especially with the treatment it gives to the user’s database.

Mr. Mackey said that it won’t be trivial for the three apps to manage and to configure the privacy and the personal information and the development teams from facebook would do better to prioritize the privacy of its users.  With this integration process that is currently been in its initiative phase would take a year to get completed and the end-to-end encryption of the messaging apps would also be a part of the plan and people should have their expectation from the engineering teams at Facebook to put their attention on the uniformity of the data and to secure it on their apps and their platform by themselves.

Facebook’s Statement

As a response to the similar privacy concerns, a statement was given by Facebook which stated that Facebook is on its work to make the messaging products of it safe with the end-to-end encryption and there are so many ways to take into consideration for the family and friends networks. A lot of discussion and debate has been started on it for figuring out the ways of it being in work.

In Marketer’s Perspective

Similarly marketers were previously focusing on gaining audience on Instagram and Facebook. Now they are looking towards whatsapp too. There are many options to buy 50000 Instagram followers and number of Facebook likes for business boost but whatsapp has nothing to attain. May the merger will help in better deliver of paid campaigns. This will also help marketers to spend efficiently on target marketing.

Irish View on Merger

The commission has presented a statement in which they said that there have been some proposals in past regarding sharing the data between the facebook companies and this is why more data protection concerns are important and the Irish DPC also will be in the search of assurances that such concerns would completely be taken care by the facebook in the development proposal of it.


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