Types of Non Governmental Organizations by Orientation and Level of Operation

A Non Governmental Organization is a nonprofit organization that does not rely on state or any government. These mostly receive funds through donations, but certain of them do not receive funds as they are willing to work by assigning tasks to volunteers. There is a wide range of operations that an NGO can perform. Thus, it can be categorized through orientation and level of operation. Here, we are going to look the at both of them.

Grading according to orientation

The types of NGOs according to orientation are:

  • Charitable Orientation: These come with a top-down structure and there are some paternalistic efforts that we can observe. However, it does involve the ‘beneficiaries.’ The NGO mostly address issues such as ensuring that the poor people get all basic necessities of life including clothes, food, medicine etc. Moreover, they may also consider transport and schooling of kids that cannot afford it. Some of them may also take part in rescue activities during any calamity.
  • Service Orientation: These are the NGOs that mainly concern the issues such as looking after healthcare, considering family planning or emphasizing on educational activities. The NGO administration design a pattern following which the officials engage people and provide them these services.
  • Participatory Orientation: Such organizations work on the self-help projects by involving local people and asking them for contribution. The contribution may include cash, tools, land and other material. These NGOs can often be seen working on community development.
  •  Empowering Orientation: It is an orientation which creates awareness among people regarding the factors that affect their lives. Whether it be the economic, social, political or educational factor, the organization will gather people and let them know how these are working for the people and how they can benefit from it.

Grading according to operation level

If we consider the operational level of the NGOs, we can categorize them as following:

  • Community-Based Organizations: The CBOs often rise as an initiative by collective members of a community. These can or cannot be relying on any other major NGO. The tasks that they can do vary according to the needs and requirements. Often we see sports, medical, women’s, religious and educational organizations.
  • Citywide Organizations: These include organizations such as the chambers of commerce, business organizations citywide that addresses the markets, educational groups or a chain of community organizations joined to work throughout the city.
  • National NGOs: As the name suggests, these organizations work on the national level. Some examples include the Red Cross, YMCA and YWCA, and other professional NGOs.
  • International NGOs: The international NGOs include the secular and religious formations such as Save the Children, Ford and Rockefeller Foundation, and CARE. They perform different activities throughout the world. From funding of local organizations to other tasks, they do each and everything possible.

So, this is how you can categorize the non governmental organizations. No matter what sort of organization you see, its main purpose will be to work for the betterment of the people.

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