What is the truth about Vitamin D – Explained Facts?

Vitamin D is also known by the name of sunshine vitamin. This is because this vitamin produces in the body of a person when he is exposed to the sunshine. This vitamin is also available in the form of supplements to intake and it is also be found in some foods.

The presence of certain level of vitamin D is very important for our body. This vitamin is very important for the teeth and healthy bones. This vitamin also guards us from many diseases like cancer, multiple sclerosis, and diabetes. Every type of vitamins is important for the body and among them this vitamin D is an essential element for the body and bones.

The truth about vitamin D

Vitamin D is commonly considered as a vitamin because of its name but in real it is a pro hormone and it is not a vitamin actually. Vitamins are the nutrients which are not automatically produced by the body and the person must intake the vitamins through his diet. However, vitamin D is the only vitamin which can be produced by our body through the sunshine that directly hits our body and skin.

It is believed that the sunshine exposure of the bare skin of a person for about 5 to 10 minutes for 2 to 3 times in a week can produce sufficient amount of vitamin D but the main fact is vitamin D cannot be stored in the body for a longer time. It requires the sunshine again and again to refill the storage of this vitamin mainly in the winter season. According to a study, there are many people in this planet who are deficient of the vitamin D and the percentage of these people is quite noticeable.

Importance of vitamin D for our body

Just like the other vitamins, vitamin D is also necessary for the body to perform its functions. It plays very important and vital roles in the human body. Vitamin D is required for the body to maintain your healthy bones and making the teeth stronger. It is also very important for the nervous system of the human body and its immune system. The health of the brain is also dependent on the vitamin D. Vitamin D is very helpful in preventing from diabetes because it helps the body to regulate insulin levels. This helps the body to guard it from getting the higher sugar levels. Not only for brain and its health, vitamin D is also very important for the cardiovascular health of a person. It also helps the body to have stronger lung function. Vitamin D is also important for the body as it helps it to prevent from the fatal disease cancer. It helps the genes to develop in a way that the chances of getting cancer get lowered.

Apart from these essentials for the body, the importance of vitamin D can be considered by the roles it plays in our daily life. Vitamin D is the necessary element for the body to prevent it from flu and it helps in having a healthy pregnancy and having healthy infants.

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